What's For Dinner | What We Ate This Week #4

by - October 27, 2019

What's for dinner...your one stop shop for meal ideas and inspiration to feed your family...

OK so... I actually have no idea what we ate last weekend! I am sat here trying to remember and I have no clue! I am sure that we didn't stick to the meal plan though!


On Monday the kids had grilled cheese and potato wedges and ohhh they LOVED them!! Will be adding those to future meal plans!


We were out for the day, and I was my future friend and put some jacket potatoes in the slow cooker before we left. But whilst out we had a late lunch and the kids were still full when it came to tea so just had some beans on toast before bed. 


We used yesterdays jacket potatoes to make cheese and bacon potato boats. Which, the kids were so fussy about! I don't know why because they eat jacket potatoes with no fuss! Kids...eh?!


Family fave...cheesy pasta! We haven't had this for ages and it was soooooooo sooooooo good!


We were a little naughty and went out for a McDonald's! It was very good though, I can't tell you how much I love a quarter pounder cheese burger!

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  1. kids are so funny with food i have to laugh or i would cry. We adore cheesy pasta here too and a mcdonalds is always loved

  2. Yum! Yum! All the meals sound great especially the McDonalds treat. We haven't had one in so long with it being 2 bus rides away!

  3. You can't beat a nice cheeky McDonalds when you've got little ones can you! Have a great week and thanks for linking up x