A Week Of Packed Lunch #1

by - October 05, 2019

Packed lunch ideas the kids will love!


Cheese wraps, baby cucumber, cubed cheese and breadsticks, mini chedders, banana soreen loaf, rice cakes, orange and a pear.


Hot dog sausages (halfed), breadsticks, cubed cheese, cucumber sticks, pouch yoghurt, yoghurt fruit bar, skips, orange, chocolate chip cake bar, apple.


Southern fried chicken sticks, cubed cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucmber sticks, Frubes yoghurt, banana Sorreen loaf, candy floss grapes, blueberries, cereal bar.

Bread sticks, Philedelphia cheese, cheese chunks, grated carrot, cucmber chunks. mini gingerbread men. mini chedders, milkshake, pouch yoghurt, banana, black grapes.


Mix and match of all the leftovers from the week. 

Buy it: 

Our 4 sectioned lunchboxes were from a local shop called Yorkshire Trading and cost £1 or £2 for a pack of 3, I cant seem to find them on the website though.

Our little clip boxes that I use for dips, were also from Yorkshire Trading, again i can't find them online! I think they were £1 too but I cant really remember! Sorry.

The clip lock tubs with fruit in are from Poundland, 3 for £1.

If you can't find them in shops or want to buy online I found the dip boxes on Amazon (Affiliate link)

I tried to search for the other items but couldn't find an exact match, I did find these similar items though...


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