Whats For Dinner? | What We Ate This Week #3

by - September 28, 2019

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On Saturday we had very late breakfasts so we didn't have lunch, and I made sure that we had tea a little early, which was fake-away chippy tea! Fish, chips and mushy peas. Yum! Then before bed I made the kiddos some toast .


We were out all day, so had lunch out. When we got home I just wanted something quick and easy (because I laid in and didn't fill the slow cooker!!) so we had bacon sandwiches, hash browns and beans.


I had my 2 niece's and nephew here on Monday so with six 2-8 year olds running riot I decided that tea needed to be quick! So I juggled the meal plan around a little and we had hot dogs and cheesy nachos. I was in and out the kitchen in less than 10 minutes (but yes...the kids still managed to wreck the house in that short space of time!!


I made a variation of My Kids Lick The Bowl One Pot Mexican Mince and served it with nachos left over from Mondays tea. I made extra so that we had some fillings for burritos later in the week. 


Omelettes and beans. Something super quick before football training. We were going to have beans, but whilst I was in Morrisons (to buy beans!) I found some of the Mcain Shake Shake Paprika Fries yellow stickered down from £2 to 60p. They were sooo nice, but I wouldn't pay £2 for them, I think its something you can easily make at home.


Football night again! And on Thursdays my sister comes round with my niece (she goes to football too) I made burritos with the leftover Mexican mince from Tuesday.


We were a little bit naughty and had a Mcdonalds! Which may I add was gross! The fries were so cold they were stiff and the milkshakes were melted! I mean how did they manage to get it so so wrong!

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