What's For Dinner? | What We Ate This Week #2

by - August 03, 2019

Your one stop for a weeks meal inspiration.


For lunch on Saturday the kiddos had cheesy bean and hot dog sausage topped potato waffles. I had seen sometihng similar on Instagram and thought it was a good way to get rid of a half box of waffles we had hanging around in the freezer.
Tea time on Saturday ended up being a carpet picnic. I just couldn't be bothered to cook and so (hoping they would suggest takeout!) we asked the kids what they wanted and they requested a 'daddy picnic plate'. Apparantly my husband makes a better picnic plate than me...which I find crazy as he just takes stuff out of the cupboard and fridge and puts it on a plate!


On Sunday we went out for the day at the seaside, from this weekend on wards we will be back to kids football every weekend so we decided to make a day of it and headed away from home. We indulged on ice-creams, fish and chips and lots of treats. And had a cheeky McDonalds on the way home!


We went to my sisters for the day so had lunch with her, she made a picnic buffet to enjoy around the pool in her garden. 

When we got home from my sisters it was straight to football, but luckily I had chucked a gammon joint in the slow cooker before we left in the morning and so when we got home from football all I had to do was chuck some frozen chips into the oven and heat up a tin or two of beans and tea was ready in the time it took the kids to get out of their kits and washed! The leftover gammon went in the fridge and will be used for a carbonara and some scraps will be used to top dirty fries later in the week. 


For lunch we packed up a mini picnic and went to the park with my sister. We popped into the bakery for a cheeky cake too!

Jenson (my 8 year old) was thrilled to finally get to have toad in the hole! It is one of his favourite's and it went down a treat!


For lunch I had some sausages to use up from Tuesday, I had cooked them in case the kids and dean wanted extra but no one did! So we had sausage and cheese bagels instead of bacon. And I put the bacon in the freezer for another day. 

For tea, we had a busy evening with football training and it was also sign up night at football we needed something really quick and easy, I was supposed to have put the slow cooker on but I forgot until it was too late (why does that happen!!) so the kids ended up just having a warm picnic plate, with warm cheesy bean pasties and the usual suspects on a picnic plate!


We got to mid week and then the rain hit! We were stuck inside so it was the perfect day to get the kids in the kitchen. So the kids made some pizzas. We got some bases for just 10p in Morrisons end of day yellow sticker reductions to make it even quicker, but we have in the past made this super easy mult fuctional dough.

I actually remembered to put the slow cooker on! So we had diet coke chicken with diced herby potatoes and steamed veg. It was soooo sooo good! Will definilty try this one again!


On Friday we went for a picnic with my sister and my niece and nephew. We went somewhere local called the eco centre and its basically a forest/wooded area that a charity have made a beautiful place to go visit. They were holding a board games picnic so we took a hot flask with some hot dogs in, and had something a little different instead of the usual sandwiches and sausage rolls!

For tea the kids ate at my Nan's, I keep forgetting that I don't really need to plan much for a Friday because actually, my Nan makes me something when I drop the kids off and because it is shopping night Dean tends to have something like a sandwich or something quick when we get back in. 

Final thoughts...

I think this week went really well, despite it being quite a stressful Mum week I managed to cook most of the things I had planned. I hope that you are now inspired with some meal ideas for your upcoming week. Sunday through to Friday I am going to share all (or at least try...if I remember!!)  our meals on our Instagram stories so be sure to head on over and give us a follow, you can find us at @feedingmyfamilyforless.

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  1. Loving the quick and simple ideas. Sounds like you're having loads of fun too :)

  2. Sounds to me like you ate well still, despite being busy! I love meals that involve using up leftovers that would just sit there until they found their way to the bin otherwise.

    Thanks for linking up and I hope you have a great week x

  3. some great ideas, toad-in-the-hole is a big favourite here too, only last time I went to make it I noticed the eggs were off, so we had to make do with just the sausages. I love all the picnics you've fitted in, I'm hoping we get the chance to do that when we are on holiday soon.

  4. Great sounding meal plan for the week ahead despite been busy.

  5. hahaha! My girls always say my fella makes better picnic plates than me. I'm sure it's because he puts more sweet treats on.
    Sunday sounds like a fab day and what a fantastic week of meals x

  6. wow what a busy week and glad the toad in the hole went down well. my kids hate sausages